Iraqi Kurdistan and the Failure of Capitalizing Kurdish-Israeli Relations

Farhang Faraydoon Namdar • Dec 11 2023 • Articles

While Kurdish-Israeli relations have benefited the Bashuris, internal divisions have hindered them from fully capitalizing on such ties.

Opinion – Assessing the Legality of Ousting Hamas

Nguyen Quoc Tan Trung • Nov 21 2023 • Articles

If we insist that Israel is occupying Gaza, then the inherent right of the Israeli government to remove the Hamas administration should be recognised.

The Overstretch Dilemma: Navigating the Precarious Balance of US Foreign Aid

Andrew Latham and Raymond Yu • Nov 9 2023 • Articles

The contrast in aid dynamics between Israel and Ukraine reflects not merely a resource allocation challenge but a deeper strategic prioritization conundrum.

Last Exit? A Three-State Solution to the Israel-Palestinian Dispute

Martin A. Smith • Nov 3 2023 • Articles

With neither the two- or one-state options offering a practical solution, a three-state option is the last chance to negotiate a sustainable exit.

Reflecting on International Terrorism after the Hamas Attacks on Israel

Sylvain Keller • Oct 17 2023 • Articles

The international community needs to consider the potential use of the conflict in and around Israel by terrorist groups in the form of a strategy of wider retaliation.

Thinking Global Podcast – Dov Waxman

E-International Relations • Oct 9 2023 • Features

Dov Waxman speaks about the unfolding violence in Israel and Gaza, framing the phenomenon, the status of Palestinian refugees, causal factors, likely outcomes, and more.

Opinion – Denmark’s Procurement of Israeli Guns Has Not Been a Smooth Ride

Harry Thompson • Sep 23 2023 • Articles

Danish politics should certainly strap itself in for a bumpy ride over the next weeks and months.

Opinion – Populism as an Existential Threat in Israel

Gideon Rahat • Aug 9 2023 • Articles

Populists from the left and from the right created chaos and suffering – while those who improved things gradually, whilst respecting the rules of the game, have done much better.

Thinking Global Podcast – Mohammed Baharoon

E-International Relations • Jul 26 2023 • Features

Mohammed Baharoon explores the ‘quantum’ politics of the Middle East, its regional dynamics, the role of the BRICS, and the effects of the Russo-Ukrainian War in the region.

Democratic Backsliding in Netanyahu’s Israel

Neta Oren • May 19 2023 • Articles

Like in the cases of Orban and Erdoğan, one of the Netanyahu coalition’s main goals is to control the judiciary, law enforcement, intelligence, and regulatory agencies.

National Responses to the Syrian Refugee Crisis: The Cases of Israel and Cyprus

Erica Martin and Yannis A. Stivachtis • May 3 2023 • Articles

Israel and Cyprus are located at the geographic intersection of multiple cultures, making them destinations for refugees as they travel to seek asylum in Europe.

Opinion – Biden and the Netanyahu Government: An Inevitable Clash?

Glen Segell • Jan 17 2023 • Articles

If the extremists take control of Netanyahu and not the other way around, it will lead to clashes with Biden that could harm American support of Israel.

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