South China Sea

The Implications of China’s Growing Military Strength on the Global Maritime Security Order

Sophie Wushuang Yi • Oct 2 2023 • Articles

The international community must promote peaceful dispute resolution and work toward preserving the stability of the global maritime security order.

US Policy in the South China Sea Across Three Administrations

Adam Gerval and Mark Henderson • Jun 27 2022 • Articles

The Obama, Trump and Biden administrations have shifted focus in varying degrees, but the primary objective has remained the maintenance of free navigation.

Dashing Lines and Faking History: The Complicated History of Taipei’s Maritime Claims

Dean Karalekas • Jun 24 2022 • Articles

There are problems in using a historical argument as the basis for claims over territory, not the least of which is the reliability of available evidence.

The Role of ASEAN in the South China Sea Disputes

Leticia Simões • Jun 23 2022 • Articles

Different positions on disputes and the loose structure of the association prevents ASEAN from taking a more assertive stance on issues related to the South China Sea.

The Role of United Nations Convention on the Laws of the Sea in the South China Sea Disputes

Gleice Miranda and Valentina Maljak • Jun 23 2022 • Articles

Even when an attempt to settle a dispute through a judicial forum fails, it may still create a legacy which could lead to conflict resolution in other ways.

New Book – Asian Territorial and Maritime Disputes: A Critical Introduction

Covering the the South China Sea, the Senkaku/Diaoyu and Kuril Islands, Dokdo/Takeshima, Taiwan and Sino-Indian border issues, this book introduces and critiques the maritime and territorial disputes in the Indo-Pacific.

Legitimacy and Nationalism: China’s Motivations and the Dangers of Assumptions

Lewis Eves • Jan 13 2022 • Articles

Western foreign policies are, by way of the security paradox, generating the assertive China that western policy was intended to mitigate.

Interview – Ivy Kwek

E-International Relations • Dec 8 2021 • Features

Ivy Kwek discusses her research on major policy debates in Malaysia, her work with the Malaysian Ministry of Defence, and how Malaysia’s foreign policy can promote greater integration within ASEAN.

Is China Under-Exploiting One Legal Avenue in the South China Sea?

He Xiaheng Derek • Jul 17 2021 • Articles

Beijing faces a legal quandary between tacitly admitting the continued ROC presence on Taiwan and not making full use of the Sino-Japanese Peace Treaty.

Continuity and Change: China’s Assertiveness in the South China Sea

Andrew Chubb • Jan 27 2021 • Articles

Skepticism is warranted regarding PRC claims that its assertiveness is a response to external provocations. What appears like a targeted move may be another step toward a stated long-term goal.

The Taiwan Factor in the Clarification of China’s U-shaped Line

He Xiaheng Derek • Jan 16 2021 • Articles

The Taiwan factor has added to the challenge to China’s claims in the South China Sea and to the bargaining process among relevant states.

Asian Security amid China’s Dominance

Rameez Raja and Zahoor Ahmad Dar • Aug 9 2020 • Articles

The American century is coming to its end and China is ready to dominate the Asian Hemisphere. Yet, China’s labelling as a threat to world peace and security is contested.

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