Opinion – Reducing Nuclear Fears to Negotiate a Winning Peace in Ukraine

Paul Alexander • Dec 12 2023 • Articles

Experts now routinely admit what few dared a year ago, Western weapons have been enough for Ukraine neither to lose or win.

Interpreting Politico-Strategic Motivations for Chinese Military Exercises

Narantsatsral Enkhbat • Oct 5 2023 • Articles

China uses joint exercises to reassure Russia, while at the same time intimidating its regional opponents in times of rising tensions over Taiwan.

Misplaced Certainty: NATO Hostility as Collective Common Sense Within Russia’s Leadership

Anni Roth Hjermann and Julie Wilhelmsen • Oct 5 2023 • Articles

Russia’s view of the world in terms of one big ‘Russophobic’ conspiracy theory precluded alternatives to what it deems ‘defensive’ measures.

Thinking Global Podcast – Bruce Pannier and Temur Umarov

E-International Relations • Aug 14 2023 • Features

Bruce Pannier and Temur Umarov discuss the regional politics of Central Asia, focussing on the dominance of Russia, democratisation, regional power relations, and more.

Understanding and Approaching Moldova’s Pro-Moscow Gagauzia Region

Wilder Alejandro Sánchez and Lucia Scripcari • Aug 5 2023 • Articles

Years, maybe decades, will need to pass for Gagauzians to believe that Moldova’s efforts to join the EU will not destroy Gagauzia’s identity. 

Post-Putin Russia: Five Potential Pathways

Mark N. Katz • Jul 4 2023 • Articles

Putinism without Putin is the most likely post-status quo pathway for Russia, but this will be difficult to sustain.

Interview – Andrei Tsygankov

E-International Relations • Jun 25 2023 • Features

Andrei Tsygankov reflects on Russia’s development as a global actor, and the ways it is perceived and potentially misunderstood in the international community.

Opinion – Rethinking ‘Imperialism’ from the Perspective of International Law and Practices

Nguyen Quoc Tan Trung • Jun 19 2023 • Articles

The argument that Russia and China are anti-imperialist forces, while the international rule of law hinders human emancipation, is far from reality.

Interview Feature – Europe and War: A Conversation with Alain Finkielkraut

Petar Popović • Jun 2 2023 • Features

Petar Popović engages in dialogue with the philosopher Alain Finkielkraut on the wider implications of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

National Imprint in IR Theory: The Global and the Exceptional of the ‘Russian Idea’

Andrei P. Tsygankov • Jun 1 2023 • Articles

Taking civilizational diversity seriously requires recognition that the global does not exist except as a constant interaction between various local communities.

Interview – Marlene Laruelle

E-International Relations • Jun 1 2023 • Features

Marlene Laruelle describes how historical conceptions can act as a lens to analyse contemporary developments in Russia and its global political interactions.

Opinion – Ukraine and the Republican Party’s Drift from the ‘Honor Code’ of Jacksonian Diplomacy

Thomas J. Cobb • May 7 2023 • Articles

The positions of Trump and DeSantis indicate that the 2024 election will accentuate party polarisation on Ukraine.

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