Thinking Global Podcast – The Laid-Back Book Club (Ep.1.)

E-International Relations • Jun 5 2023 • Features

Members of the E-International Relations podcast team speak about what they have been reading recently as part of ‘The Laid-Back Book Club’.

Interview – Steven Feldstein

E-International Relations • Sep 25 2022 • Features

Steven Feldstein explains the concept of digital repression, and its strategic use in domestic and global politics.

Globalized Authoritarianism: The Expansion of the Chinese Surveillance Apparatus

Adrian Kreutz • Apr 3 2020 • Articles

The expansion hypothesis is verified by the expansion of the Chinese surveillance technology. This threatens liberal democracy through the accumulation of illiberal acts.

Considering the Whole Ecosystem in Regulating Terrorist Content and Hate Online

Amy-Louise Watkin • Sep 18 2019 • Articles

The whole ecosystem is going to require new regulatory frameworks to combat extremist content online. Removal of content is not necessarily the best form of action.

Interview – Charlotte Epstein

E-International Relations • Jan 29 2017 • Features

Charlotte Epstein discusses the impact Foucault has had on her thinking, explains why discourse matters in the study of IR, and assesses the politics of surveillance.

Anxiety in The British Media Portrayals of Schoolgirls Heading for Syria

Liz Sage • Jun 3 2015 • Articles

With so little to go on, the media are left to construct their own version of events, filling in the silence left by the girls with a cacophony of possible explanations.

Justifying Surveillance

Kevin Macnish • Jan 20 2015 • Articles

Surveillance can be justified. The challenge lies in justifying certain acts of surveillance, and in determining why it is that such acts strike us as eminently sensible.

Spies and the Spied Upon: The Continuing Need for Human Surveillance

Steve Hewitt • Nov 17 2013 • Articles

Technological surveillance certainly receives the headlines, however, there’s nothing more effective and powerful than intelligence collection through a living, breathing human being.

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